1 July 2011

Commercial Break - Bill Kitchen

When Bill Kitchen turns up at the Coast Inn on a Thursday night, it's as though an entire coachload of musicians has arrived. Not only does he usually bring one or more of his talented Brightlingsea compatriots with him, but a collection of instruments so diverse one can only wonder how he can squish them into a single vehicle, let alone play them all. But play them he does. Is there nothing this man cannot pluck, bang, blow or scrape? Though I don't think we've ever seen him at the keyboard ( have we?).   




In addition to being a one-man folk band, Bill can sing and Bill can act (as those of us who enjoyed his Alf Doolittle in My Fair Lady earlier in the year will testify), and now this man of many parts has launched himself in yet another guise - as a qualified reflexologist.  And it is as a slightly accidental but very grateful beneficiary of his healing ministrations that I have interrupted this otherwise non-commercial blog to advertise Bill's new enterprise - Sole Sensations. Put your feet in a safe pair of hands!  

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