29 March 2012

The Coast Inn and the Session in the press

Lots of good publicity for the Coast Inn and the Session in the press this month.

In Essex Life, the "Here's Cooking With You" slot (p 121 of the April issue) features Belinda.  The piece is largely about the Coast Inn's justly famous menu, but the Session gets a little mention in Belinda's answer to the question "Any celebrity moments you can share with us?": "I remember a night when Billy Bragg joined in with one of our acoustic evenings here . . ." 

The March/April issue of Colchester Circle - a vibrant new free magazine with a wide circulation in and around Colchester, and which is now available on Mersea - carries two Mersea-related articles. One (on p 30) is the first of a regular series featuring the island. Shanty Night at the Coast Inn gets a brief mention. 

Also in the current issue - a familiar face (!) on pp 20-21, in a feature based around Black Diamond Accordions' forthcoming "Lunch Time Show Off" - at 15 Queen Street, Colchester on 19th April.

Finally, the most recent edition of the island's own free paper - The Courier - features the Session in its series of articles about Mersea music and musicians. There's a brief history of the Session in its current and previous incarnations, and quotes from musicians explaining what they most enjoy about Thursday nights at the Coast Inn.

11 March 2012

Thursday 1.3.2012

Thanks to Chrissie Westgate for this lovely collection of photos from 1st March