28 June 2010

New Live Music Listings Website

Well, after less than a fortnight floating around in cyberspace, this little website is doing rather nicely, thankyou. We're getting up to 80 hits a day, and our nifty 'statcounter' tells us that some of these are coming via the numerous websites who've kindly added links (they're listed down there on the left-hand side); some from Facebook (if you're on Facebook, please don't forget to 'like' us!); and quite a surprising number from people Googling the words 'Music' and 'Mersea' together.

The discovery that so many people are searching for 'music on Mersea' has inspired me to set up a completely separate listings site for ALL live music happening on and around the island. Simply because there is no other single, reliable, up-to-date, online source of information for anyone wanting to know what's on.

Of course, a large sector of the island's population still gleans information in the time-honoured fashion - by looking in the Post Office window, on community notice boards and in the local press. But this can be rather a haphazard method, and if events aren't advertised further afield than the corner shop, then their potential audience is severely curtailed.

A recent concert at the MICA Centre by three world-class guitarists (for which I had myself eagerly bought tickets) was cancelled through - I'm reliably informed - 'lack of interest'.  Well, I'm not convinced it's interest that's lacking round here, but awareness. Mersea is bursting not only with musicians but also with lovers of every kind of live music.

Here's the the new site - Mersea Island Live Music

Please contact me with details of anything which ought to be listed but isn't. And please spread the word.

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