15 December 2010

Ceilidh thanks

Thanks to everyone who came to the Christmas Ceilidh on Saturday - a resounding success in every way. More than 100 people bought tickets, and were rewarded with a hugely entertaining and enjoyable evening. We made a very respectable profit, too, which will be put towards next year's Regatta Song & Dance event. Feedback from those who attended has been unanimously positive. Shall we do the whole thing again next Christmas??? 

Massive thanks are due to all the musicians - Liz, Ellie Scrivener, Ellie Smith, Tom, Rick, Adrian, John and Greg - who gave their time and talents so willingly and to such brilliant effect. Was there ever such a dynamic ceilidh band in the history of ceilidhs?  And thanks also to those who were missed out of the roll call of gratitude on the night but without whose behind-the-scenes hard work the evening would never have happened - including Victoria, Maria, Hattie, Jessie and Iona; to Leafy and Colin for their festive displays of greetings cards and calendars; and to the local businesses and individuals who very generously donated prizes for the raffle.  Thanks also to the MICA staff, to Kim for the delicious food, and to the Mayor, John May, for drawing the raffle.

Pics here very soon . . . .

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