24 May 2011

Mayor's Charity Presentation - Thursday 19 May

Mayor John May (newly re-elected to the council by a resoundingly large vote, and made Mayor for a second term - congratulations John!) - took over last Thursday's Session to use it as the focus for his presentation of cheques to the two charities for which he worked so hard to raise funds in his first term of office - St Helena Hospice in Colchester, and Essex Air Ambulance. 

Through his efforts and those of many willing volunteers who freely gave their time and talents in support of the Mayoral fundraising initiative  - including our own 'Mayor's Session' on 11 November last year , as well as a Ball at the MICA Centre and a lunch at the Titash Indian restaurant - a grand total of £2,250 was raised for each of the good causes. 

Representatives from the charities and other specially invited guests were present to enjoy songs and tunes requested by John and Marion and played by some of the Session's regular musicians.  The presentation of cheques and subsequent speeches were followed by a splendid buffet laid on by Belinda and her team, and another musical set rounded off the evening.

Thanks to Megan Ranson for the photos above.

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