8 June 2011

Hello Åland Islands, hello World!

Locations of visitors to this page

Never let it be said that the Mersea Session is a parochial little institution, unheard of outside Essex, let alone the UK. Oh no indeed - far from it. In fact, as our Cluster Map (which usually lives down at the bottom left of the page) reveals, this website has been visited by fans from 42 different countries

Current Country Totals

From 30 Jun 2010 to 3 May 2011

United Kingdom  2,145
United States  80
Europe  66
Russian Federation  13
Germany  11
France  9
Australia  9
Canada  7
Ireland  5
India  5
South Africa  3
Poland  3
Malaysia  3
Mexico  3
Italy  3
New Zealand  2
Spain  2
Belgium  2
Taiwan  2
Philippines  2
Denmark  2
Saudi Arabia  2
Ukraine  2
Switzerland  2
Netherlands  2
Sweden  1
Finland  1
Aland Islands  1
Norway  1
Czech Republic  1
Portugal  1
Singapore  1
Vietnam  1
Brazil  1
Chile  1
Palestinian Territory  1
Pakistan  1
Georgia  1
Bulgaria  1
Turkey  1
Malta  1
Morocco  1
Austria  1

Yes, OK, it might just conceivably be the case that one or two of those were inadvertent visits - accidental landings from unlikely Google searches - but nevertheless it is rather heartwarming to know that there are individuals somewhere out there in Morocco, Bulgaria, Taiwan and the Åland Islands, who have, albeit fleetingly, caught a glimpse of Mersea life.

(NB 'hits' on Cluster Map represent visits from each different ISP per day, so multiple pageviews by the same user aren't counted, and hence our visitor total should not be too skewed by, for example, thrice-hourly gazing at photos by the lovelorn or the narcissistic amongst our readership.)

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