25 October 2011

Regatta Christmas Ceilidh

OK, it's still only October, but it's always a good thing to look ahead. Especially as the busy Christmas season marches inexorably towards us.

So here's advance notice of this year's Christmas Ceilidh at the MICA on Saturday 10th December, featuring The Regatta Ceilidh Band - aka Liz, Tom, Ian, Gary, Adrian, Barry and Greg, with John doing the honours as caller.

If you went along last year you'll know how much festive fun is on offer - not just the liveliest dancing and music on the island, but a fantastic hot supper and as many mince pies with cream as you can eat. This year's Christmas Ceilidh promises to be even bigger and better. So put the date in your diary NOW. Tickets will be on sale at the MICA soon.

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