9 November 2010

Mayor's Fundraiser - a message from your MC

Sorry about the late notice, but that pesky work life has got in the way of my musical activities!

On Thursday, it would be great if the musicians/singers can arrive about 7.30pm, so that you can be seated and watered before kicking off at 8pm. We are trying to keep the 'session feel' but also managing the evening so that we can get the maximum number of performances in.

I am arranging the seating/layout with John and Marion on Thursday morning, and we'll organise a seating plan so every musician will have an allocated place. There will be limited amping up, as we can't hook up so many instruments/voices, but there will be a vocal mic and a single instrument channel if the performer prefers it. I do have a list of songs/tunes and will let each performer know a couple of songs in advance of when they're on. There will be a raffle during the evening and another break, and we should wrap up before midnight.

So, no worries, I'm sure everyone will enjoy the evening, and let's hope we raise as much money as possible for John's chosen charities!  Greg

(NB audience tickets for the Mayor's Session are now SOLD OUT, and owing to strictly limited numbers (for safety and fire etc reasons) admission on the door on the night without a ticket will not be possible.)

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