12 November 2010

Mayor's Fundraiser: a resounding success!

Another Message from your MC:  To last night's performers: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Was there ever a night quite like it? Flawless performances from start to finish, platinum quality entertainment, everyone playing at the top of their game, singing and playing their socks off for two very good causes, job done! It is such an honour to play with such a brilliant bunch of super-talented musos, we really did make heavenly music last night. Greg

Looks like the evening raised in excess of £500 for the Mayor's charities, so huge thanks to all performers and the lovely paying audience, and for donations and raffle prizes given.

Lots of photos coming in already. A few are up on the Facebook page by way of a preview. All the rest will be posted here and in Gallery II over the next few days.  Meanwhile, here's one of the 'official' ones by Chrissie:

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