10 August 2011

Shanty Night - 18th August: your chance to name the song/s you want to perform

A list of songs for inclusion in the songsheets on 18th August will be circulating at this week's Session. 

If you will be there, please feel free to suggest additional songs for inclusion, and also put your name down for any song/s you'd like to lead, or perform as a solo (though be prepared for audience participation in the chorus!) 

For those who can't make it to the Coast Inn tomorrow, I'll be publishing a list of everything that's going in the songsheets (which we'll be selling for £2 a go to raise funds for the RNLI) here over the weekend.

Please do get in touch by email email or via the Facebook page as soon as possible if you want to add anything or claim a favourite song to perform, as I'll be typing up all the lyrics and printing out the songsheets early next week.

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