29 August 2011

Thursday Sessions - business as usual from this week onward

Apologies to musicians and audience alike for the blip that occurred last Thursday at the Coast Inn, when there were no reserved tables or seats available for musicians. Half a dozen players who couldn't get in held an impromptu session elsewhere and others simply went home. A select band who did manage to secure seats entertained the expectant audience for the evening, so hopefully people who stayed didn't go away disappointed at the end of the night, but it was an unfortunate turn of events nevertheless.

Belinda has apologised for the breakdown in communication which occurred on a particularly busy day at the Inn, and all is set for a return to normal service this week.

So do please come along to play and listen this Thursday as usual. With so many people coming back from their holidays now, hopefully we will have a really good turnout and a resumption of the kind of lively session we all enjoy.

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