23 August 2010

Shanty Night feedback

Some feedback about Shanty Night received by email and on our Facebook Page  (if you're on Facebook, please add yourself to our fan-list if you haven't already!).  All further comments and suggestions welcome - whether you were a regular or a visitor - please leave comments here or on Facebook or email us. Your views will all be hugely useful when planning and improving next year's Shanty Night.

Bill: A few suggestions to improve Shanty night (possibly other sessions too)
- Give out chorus sheets of the regular songs ; helps the visitors/listeners feel more confident about joining-in.
- try to ensure a body of strong voices close together (who know the songs) to help achieve a 'critical mass' of sound to combat over-loud bar chat.
- encourage an ethos of hushed listening for solo singers / musicians whenever possible. (very difficult in a bar, but well worth the effort methinks)
- resist amplification (except Bass)
Hope you don't mind me offering these. Cheers Barnacle Bill x

Caroline: It was an excellent evening - enjoyed by all. thanks for organising, can't wait for next year!

Brian: Excellent night. I didnt get round to doing all the songs I had intended as got caught up with conversations mainly with visitors who to a person were very impressed with the talent on this Island. 

John: I am generally in agreement with Bill's ideas although I am a little unsure about the song sheet suggestion. I think it could be something you might do on certain occasions but not all the time. Getting people to listen is always a difficult one. As a society, music is very often something that goes on in the background and conversation continues. I think people have to be educated over a period of time. Some will never understand. I do think folk need to know what it is they are coming to listen to or do. This being the case, they are more likely to understand the conventions such as listening. Some people that night might just have popped in for a drink although it would be hard for someone not to know what was going on. I would be against amplification. I do think the crowded nature of the bar did add to the atmosphere. Your rendition of 'Senandoah' that evening, Bill, was I thought, brilliant.

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