16 August 2010

Shanty Night photos

Well, here at last are my very mediocre snaps of Shanty Night. I've posted rather a lot of them - that way, I hope everyone who was there will feature in at least one picture. If not, my apologies - I was trapped on one side of the room for the entire night. If anyone has photos taken from the other side of the Inn - please email them over immediately to redress the balance!

The pics are in chronological order, starting before 8pm, but the camera ran out of battery some time before the end, unfortunately. If you click on them, they'll enlarge on your screen. Feel free to download any you'd like to keep.

If you enjoyed Shanty Night and would like to see it happen again next year, do please leave a comment here and/or on our Facebook page (and don't forget to 'like' us on Facebook!). Feedback really is the lifeblood of this kind of website, so please don't be shy about expressing your views, suggestions or gripes - it will make your webmistress feel that her labours haven't been in vain!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures again, Juliet!