12 August 2010

Shanty Night Update

An executive decision has been taken - it's just too windy down at the Coast Inn to make sitting outside a comfortable experience tonight. So we're abandoning the idea of tents and PA systems, and it'll be indoors as usual, except that a bit of furniture rearrangement is taking place in advance.

It may be a bit of a squish, but we'll manage somehow.

John Leyland will be MC for the evening, so if you want to do a solo slot, please have a word with him first.

See you all there!

1 comment:

Brian said...

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Juliet for this excellent site. The Shanty Night was such a success and tks to John (MC) who done such a good job in keeping keeping us all in line and the evening flowing. Can y'all start leaving your comments so that we can all see how ya doing and any suggestions you think would enhance the Thursday sessions. You would be surprised the number of visitors to the Island who attended last night who were absolutely stunned at what we have to offer and lets hope the weather holds for Saturday so that the waterfront gigs are well supported.

C'mon lets get interactive on this site !!